3D illustration of Interconnected neurons with electrical pulses.

On the 16th January you can get an introduction to the collaborative art-work “Sleep in the city”, meet the artists and try the technology.

Smart Aarhus is in a collaborative process with the artists Virgile Novarina and Walid Breidi for the creation of an artwork performance during the June 2019 IOT Festival (Internet of Things) week in Aarhus.

The artwork will consist of a dream-like atmosphere in the city at night, where videos of the city taken during the day will be recreated in real time by people’s sleep brainwaves. The components of this participative artwork are interactive video clips, sleep data from a number of “smart” sleepers including that of the sleep artist Virgile Novarina.

The artists wish to invite you to reflect upon the importance of sleep in urban life and the role of the internet in your life.

Become a Smart Sleeper

Do you want to take part in the performance, and become a smart sleeper for one night? We will lend you a headband with sensors, and your brain waves will transform the video stream in real time. This event is a briefing for those who wish to participate.

Testing Muse headband at Dokk1 – The Data Democracy project will be doing workshops for schools about datastories created with brainwaves…

Filming your favorite place in Aarhus

You can participate in creating Sleep in the City, by sending the artists a video clip of something close to your heart – a place or people here in Aarhus. 7 videos made by the public and edited by the artists will be screened on public displays of Aarhus. The video clip should be 1 minute long, and you can film it with your smartphone, video recorder or camera, what matters to us is that the content is memorable and significant to Aarhus. The videos can be sent to Virgile Novarina: virnova@gmx.fr

If you chose to share your experience with the artwork online, please use: #sleepinthecityaarhus, #smartaarhus and #vertigostarts